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REAL Oldies stations that play 50s and 60s

What's left of them..


WMTR Jersey



KDAV 1590AM Lubbock, TX
A small station in Lubbock that was Real Oldies before the format took hold. They speciallize in pre-Beatles oldies. Listening to the stream costs 10 bucks a month.

Dusty Rhodes and the gang are back on the radio in the Cincinnati area! 

NEW!!! Real Oldies 1690 Chicago

This new station at night is listenable over much of the USA because of the nice, clear expanded band frequency they use.  They also now stream!  Many of the good old jocks from WLS are working here!



Oldies Yes, But Truely Live and Local WLNG 92.1 E. Long Island

WLNG, what radio SHOULD be to truely be a service to their community!